MC Speedys vs. Monogram Speedys

  1. Is the MC Speedy more structured due to the metal hardware on the corners?

    It seems less slouchy whenever I see someone wearing one out. Is that the case?
  2. i think it sags as much as the Monogram, because it's still only one piece of canvas going all around the bag. the metal corners don't really help. that being said, i think the Multicolore Speedy has too much hardware going on
  3. I have both the black and white and actually love the hardware..that was the appeal for me.
    However, the metal corners actually weigh the bag down a bit and while it doesn't make the bag sag AS much, it's still pretty noticeable if you're not carrying a bunch of stuff around.
  4. I agree on most of this, other then the fact that it has too hardware going on. I think its the same as the Mc trouville.

    I dont think its anymore or less structured then the mono speedy, a lot heavier though. I've seen some that are well worn. Ie Jessica's bag.
  5. No, MC doesn't sag as much as mono.
  6. the MC certainly doesnt sag as much as mono.
  7. For sure, it sags less and holds up well but that's because of the 4 corner hardware.

    Besides, when you don't worry about the sag, you might worry about scratching/damaging the metal hardware like me... :P