MC Speedy

  1. Does anyone know how to clean the LEATHER on this bag? The leather on the front of mine seems dirty, and i would like to clean it but i dont know how. I asked a SA in a LV store in Vegas once but she didnt really seem to know and i have never asked again.

    Also and this is a really really stupid question but i never attached the keys to my bag because i guess i just never thought about it and now i want to and i cant figure out how....does anyone know?

    thanks for any help and feel free to laugh at me!:shame: :nuts:
  2. Clean?.... do you have a pic? is the leather totally brown/black? if not, I'd suggest NOT doing anything to the leather. Some people here recommend babywipes, but this really dries up the leather....

    keys:.... kinda like a pochette, you loop it
  3. some ppl use baby wipes to clean their vachetta..(and conditioning after use of wipes is recommanded)
    I personally don't use anything..even though I bought apple brand leather cleaner & conditioner, I worry that it might ruin my bag..too scared to use them.
    oh and about the clochette thingy, just hang it around on one of the brass thing at the bottom of your handle
  4. Do you mean the canvas, or the handles?
  5. i took a couple pictures of the bag and you really cant see the dirty part im talking about but i will post anyway, i just have to wait for husband to put them on the computer for me. may not be able to do it till later this afternoon but i will do it! the dirty part seems black to me, like it litteraly is just dirty not turning colors like the handles.

    im traumitized about the pictures now after my first post...;)

  6. i mean the leather patch on the front of the bag, where the the pouch is. i will get pics up as soon as i can.
  7. I've got the white MC Speedy 30, and it has really patina-ed. I find that as it gets darker, it hides the dirt quite well. OT: Recently, I noticed a slight crack on the canvas, and I've had the bag for at least 3 years. So my SA told me to bring the bag to her and surprisingly she said the manager saw my bag and said LV will replace that with a new one for me.
  8. i don't use any product on my mc speedy...

    only a clean piece of cloth....that'll do..... :smile:
  9. maybe a very very SLIGHTLY damp cloth to wipe it!