MC speedy ???

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  1. I recently purchased an mc black speedy on ebay. I love it and overall it is in pretty good condition. Where can I find the date code, and does that tell you when the bag was made? I am not too familiar with date codes and what they mean.
    Also, anyone who has the mc i heard that thorugh daily wear that sometimes the screening of the letters may wear off in time, has that happened to anyone? What can you do about it??
  2. The date code on the bag is along the seam of the inside pocket.
  3. thanks, can you tell me the reason for the date code is so that the buyer knows when the bag was made
  4. I think date codes are for location and the date the bag was made. I never even knew that they existed till I joined tPF.:shame: It means nothing really (at least to me it doesn't). Many fakes now days come with date codes as well.