MC Speedy vs. Trouville

  1. Can I get a picture of a MC Speedy next to a Trouville if possible----anybody out there with these two bags?

    I'd very very very much appreciate it!!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Heya Frozen!! I'm up's a pic of my Speedy 25 and Trouville side by side. Sorry they are a little blurry and are not MC but hope this helps for now! :heart:
    P4080026 (2).JPG
  3. Thank you Pursegrrl- but I really need a MC speedy with a trouville, but if somebody has just a speedy 25 and a MC speedy I can compare the three together.

    My friend is stalking a MC speedy online and has a Trouville already... thanks again!
  4. an MC speedy is a lot bigger than a speedy 25. I have had both but I no longer have the trouville any longer. Sorry.
    Both bags are nice but I like the speedy better. I found that the handles on the trouville were too short. I had to hold it in my hand all the time. I couldn't comfortably puch it up my arm a little if I had to free up my hands for some reason.
  5. white MC speedy or black trouville would be the best choice. mc speedy is bigger bulky but as blong-nut says the trouville has shorter handles and it would be okay if you are skinny with thin arms.