MC Speedy vs. MC Trouville

  1. ok ladies... i've asked which color to get before because i was sold on a speedy but not i'm doubting again.

    i'm only 5'2 and pretty petite and as much as i LOVE speedy it keeps nagging on me that it's too big/flashy for me and doesn't look as nice as i see it on some taller girls.

    so the next natural option is a MC trouville. i like it but i don't love it as much as speedy.

    speedy i could just stare at it all day and makes me happy. but of course i can't just fork out 2k so i can stare at it! lol.

    do you think i could pull off a speedy and just get it and be done with it or should i be more realistic and get trouville?

  2. I think speedy is too 'heavy" for me. I am only 5'3 and medium/small frame..

    If you love speedy, go get it..I got Trouville because it looks better on me and less common. It's lighter and perfect size for me.

    You can carry speedy no problem especially if you love it, don't settle for something less..
    I love Trouville, some peope don't like it..chacun a son gout
  3. i prefer the Trouville; it's so pretty and feminine. the Speedy has too much hardware going on, and it's too big for me (i'm only 5'4")
  4. i'm thinking about the EXACT SAME THING! I'm drooling for the mc speedy (always have) but after seeing bagsnbags' trouville, it seems more of the 'right size' for our 5'2" size, but you know what?! hell to that, cuz i Love the mc speedy...i don't want to get the trouville and not love it, and be always thinking of 'what could've been', i'm gonna go for the mc speedy and wear it proudly!! OO:huh:Oo i just can't wait..see I'm even getting excited just thinking of the mc speedy. unforunately, 2007 is more realistic for me! i've already been spoiled with my 3 bags in the last 3 months!
  5. if you're set on the speedy get it. dont settle for another bag.

    I would suggest if you can go into LV or order the bag, tell them you want the covering left on the handles. walk w around the house with it for a few days and see what you think.

    If you're able to make it onto the store try on both and see what you think.
    Personally I think you will LoVe and be happy with the Mc speedy.
  6. get what you really love.
  7. That speedy doesn't just look heavy, it weighs a ton!
  8. last weekend i was at the store and had a speedy in one hand and a trouville in the other. and frankly, i liked the trouville better on me. that's why i'm gearing towards a trouville more now. but just looking at the bags, i LOVE speedy. sigh.

    i'm a pretty practical person so my brain is telling me to get trouville which could be more functional and right size for me but my heart is telling me to be heck with it and just buy speedy cuz it's just so darn pretty! (but i'm sure i'll make more use out of trouville... and there lies the dilemma!)

  9. hmm...sounds like you are leaning towards the trouville already
  10. Buy speedy, carry it around with your daily essential..see how you feel about it.If you don't like (whatever reasons), exchange it.

    I love my Trouville, got lots of stares when I carried it the other day but I take it as complement LOL
  11. I haven't carried either of them, but I vote Trouville!
  12. I am short and small myself. I never let my size effect if I buy a big bag. If you seriously LOVE the bag get it! DON'T SETTLE!
  13. I think bagsnbags put it perfectly - chacun son gout - everyone hasn't different tastes so only you, yourself, will know which one you'll ultimately be happy with. Perhaps all you need is a bit more time.

    MC speedy is a bag a lust - I dream about it - I could stare all day at it while I do think the trouville is nice it doesn't reach out and give me that breathless kind of feeling.

    However, as you can see in posts above - others prefer the trouville. They think the MC speedy is too flashy and they don't dig the hardware. To them - the trouville is what gives that breathless feeling and it has captured their heart!

    Your story about carrying both of them and being unsure probably just means you need more time for your mind to ponder back and forth and just take that time!! At $2k - the MC speedy HAS to be a decision that you won't regret otherwise that is a pretty pricey regret!

    Look at more pictures - go again and check them out in store - eventually one will speak out to you. You never know what will happen with time. I had talked myself out of the MC speedy about 2 months ago - but after seeing them in LV clubhouse and seeing THE perfect one IRL at the store - well my saving for MC speedy is back in full force again. :yes:

    But like everyone said - don't settle and I also think don't go with whatever is the "rule" or "convention". There have been plenty of girls of different sizes carrying tons of different sized bags! Just because you're more petite doesn't necessarily ban you to the world of small bags that are more proportionate! Just depends on your taste and I have seen some really petite girls rock some XXL bags!!

    With bags - I find logic only fits in about 10% and 90% is emotion - you gotta go with what you love because if you have a choice in the morning to carry the super practical bag you don't love or the practical enough bag that you absolutely adore - you'll always end up using the one you love more! :love:
  14. This is a tough decision... Yes, the mc speedy is drop-dead gorgeous and makes you drool and daydream even after owning it for years.. It is very flashy though, especially with all the hardware, but it's a bag that will give you long-term satisfaction. However, as much as I love mine I find myself carrying it very seldom due to its flashiness. It's more of a stay-at-home-and-stare-at-me bag. The trouville may actually be more practical, but it's smaller too.

    Think about it and do more picture research, then get what you really looooove...Btw, I'm only 5'3 and petite, but when I tried it on at the boutique all the SA's were telling me that it looked just fine! Get what you feel most comfortable with....
  15. I agree with Jadecee, you should get the bag that you love. I love the MC Speedy too but just like you I am only 5'2" and thought the bag was too big. But, who cares if you really love the bag you should get it. Jessica Simpson looked fabulous with the bag and she's only 5'3"! Besides, you can always wear heels to look taller! :P