MC Speedy released when????

  1. Please does anyone have any idea when the multicoloured speedy first came out!? I have got different answers from other pfrs but one said May 2005 and the other said August 2003!

  2. I am not sure but for some reason I think 2003 but I'm sure someone can tell you a little more accurately
  3. 2003!!
  4. It should be 2003, I should think. I got mine when it first came out.
  5. I believe it was 2003
  6. Hi, For sure it was in 2003!!!
  7. You can call Lv directly and simply ask they would help you confirm. :smile:
  8. i believe it was around spring/summer of 2003
  9. spring 2003
  10. Yeah..Spring 2003, most people didn't end up even getting their bags until Spring 2004 though! (Due to the demand).
  11. Mine was made in 2004 so it had to be at least then