*MC SPEEDY OWNERS* I lost the clochette and keys!

  1. Hey All!

    I have a Black MC Speedy 30 and I lost the hanging clochette that contained the keys. :crybaby:

    Do they sell the clochette and keys seperately?

    If so, for how much?

    Are they even really NEEDED? :confused1:

    Those of you who own an MC Speedy 30, do you hang the clochette from your speedy? Or no?

    I personally like the way it looks without it, but what do yall HONESTLY think?

    Whew, sorry for all the questions.

    Would appreciate everyones advice.

  2. Mine never leaves my bag. I :heart: it right where I can see it! I haven't had the need to lock up my bag yet.
  3. I would call the closest boutique when you have a chance...it might be worth it to have it (if you sell it someday??). I like having mine on there, I think it is cute...But it is such a gorgeous bag, I am sure it looks just fine without it...it isn't like anyone really uses the thing anyway!
  4. nah... I don't really use it. I hang one key on the clochette which is attached to the bag and the other key is at home
  5. That is a really good idea...I am going to take one of the keys off right now! Thanks!
  6. I always leave it attached to my bag and leave the keys in it. It's not like I ever lock my bag anyway so they aren't really useful in that respect.
  7. no problemo :biggrin:
  8. That makes me realize I don't remember where I put my clochette and keys... hmmm.

    I know you can buy new ones, no clue on the $$ though.
  9. i took them off and put em away, i hang my speedy inclusion bag charms to my mc speedies. i got water stains on the one that was for my black one though =(
  10. The only thing with that though is that the lock is part of the bag and the keys really only work for that lock, not like when you buy a new lock and key set at the store (it's $25 by the way). I'm not sure if there's any way you can get around that at all, since the lock is part of the bag.
  11. That is a very GOOD point Lvbabydoll.

    Never thought of that.

    Looks like I'm out of luck then. I fell like a bad mother. :crybaby:
  12. One tPFer told me that you could special order the clochette (I don't know about the key) for like $20. You can call 866 to ask the detail.
  13. Aww I'm sorry..it won't lock on it's own though so at least you don't have to worry about it getting locked shut.
    Maybe you'll find it eventually :flowers:
  14. i think you can getsa replacement.. i'm not sure how much though!
  15. Awwww... so sorry you lost it! I hope you can find a replacement ASAP! :smile: