MC Speedy or Rita?


MC Speedy or Rita?

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  2. Rita

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  1. I've always wanted the MC Speedy, but after carrying my Priscilla to the mall, I've found that it gets quite heavy and annoying to always have to be holding on to it. What I really like about the Rita is that it can be carried over the shoulder, or looks good just hanging. But the handle looks awkward sticking out when i use the shoulder strap, and the outer compartment is a little bulky. Also, I find that the zipper is a little difficult to open because of the curved shape. I guess what really draws me towards the Rita is the fact that it's new. Can you guys please help me decide whether or not to exchange the Speedy for the Rita? Oh, and both in white. :smile:

    Thanks everyone!
  2. RITA! I have had the speedy and I love how the Rita has a shoulder strap. I think you have the ease and look of a speedy if you want to remove the strap and also the best of both worlds cause it can be carried on the shoulder. The price is almost the same, and the Rita is newer. I say go for the NEW! Let us know what you decide and show pics!
  3. amongst the three new MC bags, I like Ursula 'better', so since Rita doesn't really catch my eye, I'd say keep the MC Speedy
  4. I also have the white Speedy and love it! But it does get pretty heavy and you have no other choice as to hold on to it. If I were you I'd get the Rita because it's new but just as funky looking....I always prefer to get new models...
  5. if you think the Priscilla is heavy the mc speedy will be heavier.
  6. I really love the speedy and I just cannot get over it! :drool:
  7. hard choice, but the MC Speedy does get heavy after a while and the Rita is new so not many people will have them now... hmm???
  8. RITA!!!!

    I *****love***** it. I bought a MC Speedy about 2 weeks before I got the Rita, and I haven't even thought about using the Speedy.

    I can't go out with my Rita without receiving tons of compliments.

    Here is a pic of my Rita and Speedy together. I think they are both equally as heavy though...but it is MUCH easier to get into my Rita than the Speedy because of the side hardware. Also there is a great zipper on the back of the Rita that I love too.

  9. I guess it depends on how you want to carry them. I personally still like the classic speedy :smile:
  10. If i was going to buy one today i'd pick the rita, i like the idea of the shoulder strap.
  11. Rita, all the way.

    Its ultra gorgeous and functional and it can be carried on the shoulder.

    Its my new favorite MC bag.

    Good Luck :heart:
  12. I like the Speedy.. the Rita.. isnt doing anything for me. The Ursula is better, but some people know how i feel about that bag as well.
  13. Oh I love the Rita, my current obsession.
    I'd personally like an MC speedy as well, but it'll have to come after the Rita. :smile:
    And you are right about the carrying over the shoulder, it's one more option!
  14. I like the MC speedy! Its the classic collection!!
  15. I'm not a fan of the Rita.. go for the Speedy!