MC Speedy or Priscilla???

  1. Should I purchase the MC Speedy or MC Priscilla? I like them both, but I think the speedy might be a little too big for me. I'm 5"0' BTW. I need some input.
  2. Speedy baby!
  3. I'm 5'2" & I have the white MC Speedy. It's not too big but it is a little heavy (doesn't stop me though). I honestly don't know which one would be right for you...Speedy is a little flashier with all the hardware if that helps. I think they're both gorgeous bags so perhaps if you go to the boutique and try both on you'll be able to decide.
  4. looooooove the Priscilla in pictures but I found it a bit awkward to hold IRL. So I'm voting for the Speedy.
  5. Here's my input ~ SPEEDY:heart:
  6. I love the white MC speedy! Especially the ruby alcantra lining!
  7. speedy without a doubt!
  8. speedy!!!! definetly! in white!
  9. Speedy!
  10. I'd go with the Speedy, the Priscilla is too open and tiny IMO.
  11. definitely priscilla. it's more petite. and the round side shape is TDF!!
  12. Speedy!
  13. Speedy!!
  14. Speedy by far! I love mine!
  15. They are very different bags. I have the Priscilla and I adore her, but the MC speedy is still on my wishlist. The Priscilla is actually quite roomy and I think she has a very feminine shape, but you might want to try it on at the store first.