MC Speedy or a Monogram pegase 60?

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White Multicolor Speedy or Monogram Canvas Pegase 60?

  1. White Multicolor Speedy

  2. Monogram Canvas Pegase 60

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Since they are fairly close in price I was wondering what you would choose??

    I allready have a pegase 50, but also sooo many bags.. I really think the MC speedy in white is tooo cute, but perhaps too popular.. Maybe it would be better to get another suitcase.
  2. I would choose the pegase, but I would choose the 70. That's the one I chose, it's got room for everything and when I go on shopping trips I can pack my keepall in it too to use as an extra bag if needed.
  3. DO you check your bag in at airports?? I don't know if I would dare that .. I have the Pegase 50 which doesn't leave my sight..

    I have heard so many horror stories about vuitton luggage being stolen by airport workers..
  4. Yes, I always check it and it still looks great. The 60 is too big to check where I live so that wasn't a factor when I bought it. I also have a 50 that has never been checked but there isn't a big difference in wear on them.
  5. Thanks!! Great info - makes me wanna dare get a bigger suitcase and not worry about it being stolen by the baggage people..
  6. I voted for the speedy....if you don't have one in MC and you already have another piece of luggage I would go for speedy! It's so fun and vibrant!
  7. I never used my pegase and I use my MC speedy all the time! I did not use the pegase because 1. I would never check it and 2. My SO freaked me out saying that if I was alone carrying all these LV bags people would assume that I had money and might try and mug me (I used to travel back and forth to chicago every weekend).
  8. I would choose the pegase.
  9. definitely speedy mc...i have one and i love it!!! get the MC it's so much cuter!! besides, u already have the pegase :smile:
  10. I guess it depends if you need another suitcase ?
    Good luck on your choice.
  11. It would be nice to have a medium sized suitcase .. (mine is the small).. but on the other hand the white multicolor speedy is soooo cute!!

    I 'need' them both !!:graucho:
  12. A little 'bump' :yes:
  13. I have a Keepall 60 and have used it as hand luggage all the times I've been travelling with it, I would NOT risk the bag being stolen or damaged! This has never caused me any trouble. However, the bag has always been loosely packed so I've been able to squeeze it a bit together to make place for the other traveller's hand luggage...;)
  14. MC Speedy, its my favorite!
  15. MC Speedy :smile: