MC speedy key & clochette

  1. Hi! I just got my preloved MC speedy yesterday but it didnt come with the key and the keyholder. I forgot to ask the seller about this. Isnt it supposed to come with the bag?

    Anybody know if they're being sold separately? I just called the boutique and the SA said they dont sell anything like it. However, she was the same SA who said there wasnt a key/keyholder included in the montaigne when I purchased it. Good thing there was another SA who said it should have 1! HELP, anyone? :sad:
  2. :confused1: mine came with one-
    got pics yet? show me yours- I got mine yesterday too :shame:

    I love my patina- no worries! So, you're after a Manhattan now?- sometimes there are some serious steals on eBay- I'll keep an eye out for ya- that bag used to be mine- until I saw big bad Ursula!


  3. I love your bag! Lots of pink and even patina!

    Mine's darker at the top of the handles but I love it anyways. ;) Took more than a week before I could get it. Bag arrived last Friday but we had a 2-day holiday because of the storm. THEN my shipment was held at Customs and I had to drive 1hour away and wait for another 3hours at the post office just to get it. The line was a mile-long. Ugh! But it was definitely WORTH the wait. I LOVE IT :heart: Will get photos later after kids go to sleep. I emailed let-trade about the keys but I don't think there was a key included in the photos.

    Hope I can get a key for my bag. It just looks so much better with one.
  4. Gosh- that was a long haul to get the bag!

    Clochettes are sometimes on eBay---- sometimes. I'd email LV and ask them about getting another one though.

    When I got the bag the handles were a bit darker- but I used Magic Eraser to take out dirt- it mostly evened out the patina on the handles- I then used Lovin' My Bags- For Handles Only to protect them, then I used Brasso to clean the hardware.

    Can't wait to see pics of yours!
  5. It was a long wait but definitely worth it!

    First time to post photos. Hope this works.....

    My new MC Speedy and her sister:yahoo:
    TPF1.jpg TPF2.jpg TPF3.jpg TPF5.jpg TPF7.jpg
  6. Well from the store new it comes with the bag, perhaps the seller didnt use hers and just simply forgot to include it. Perhaps emailing the seller and asking about it. Was it included/shown in pic's on the auction.

    BTW congrat's on the new/pre loved bag!

  7. Awwwwwwww bagaddict503, u make me want a MC speedy and Alma so much now !!!!! Awesome bags !!!! :tup::tup:
  8. Looks just like my bag, same patina.

    Love the pinks!!! Congrat's, the MC speedy is a great bag!!

  9. Beautiful!!! Congrat's and enjoy!
  10. Thanks, Bag Fetish! Got the MC from let-trade. Not so sure but I think there was no key in the auction pictures. I sent them email earlier but no reply yet. Will try calling the boutique again and hope that another SA will know about the clochette.

    The Speedy is LOVELY, kuromi! Get one soon :tup::yes:
  11. ^^ if there was in key showing in the pic I will assume he doesnt have one as he buys bags used.

    Lv should be able to get you one though, I think traci bought one from her Lockit if i'm not mistaken.
    You'll just want to add a little massage iol to a soft cloth and wipe it down, put in a sunny window and tan it :smile: .. yes it works :smile: I did it with my pochette strap.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I was wondering how I can tan a brand new clochette so it would blend well with my patina...Let-trade has emailed back. Said he doesnt have one but will look out for it and give it for free. Will just pay for shipping
  13. They come with one when you buy new... that is one downfall of buying used. Sometimes you don't get all of the accessories. I would think one could be ordered, call the 1-866-VUITTON number and ask them!