MC speedy in white - what is a perfect color combo?

  1. i posted this a while ago but i think the post got deleted. :confused1:

    i love the MC white with a lot of pinks and i remember reading about it some time ago that there is actually a popular color combo (colors and sequence) that people prefer. does anyone know what that is?

  2. ooo good question, i want to know too!
  3. i don't know what the perfect color combo is, but my speedy has 5 pink LV's on the front
  4. I don't know anything about combos but on all my MC pieces I get the brightest colors possible!!!!
  5. not sure, but i love it with a ton of pink, purple, black and blue. this is my favorite LV bag
  6. pink pink and more pink
    mc speedy marked.jpg
  7. ^^^ Agree :love:
  8. My favorite color combo on the mc is the pink, purple, and old gold line. I had traded my white speedy for a black but this past summer I was visiting another LV and saw a white speedy with the purple and pink on the front pocket. That bag HAD to come home with me!! I think it is now my favorite bag.
  9. I never paid attention to colors, I took what I could get because of the rarity of the Speedies when they first came out.
    But I'd say my favorite line of colors on the bags is the green, pink and black one.
  10. woah is that yours? that sure is pretty!!

    i thought there was an actual sequence that is more popular and thus costs more on eBay and etc. i vaguely remembering reading about it here but now can't seem to find that thread!

    anyways, thanks for sharing!
  11. All. hehe!
  12. ^ i know you wanted one for a while too - did you get one already?
  13. umm... i dunno why, I'm oddly attracted to the BLACK LV!!!!!! :drool: so as much black LVs as possible lol
  14. I like the blues, purples and yellows

    but i HATE the line of black, green, pink (on the MC white)

    I try to avoid that combo as much as possible
  15. I am interested now as well!