MC Speedy HL pictures

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  1. I took these this weekend because my daughter wanted to play "dress up" with her new LV bag. I bought it for her b-day. She was sooo excited. I thought I'd share. Ignore my messy house, it was not a cleaning day!
  2. awww!! how adorable!! she is so cute with her bag!!
  3. Oooh, so cute ... your DD does look so happy with her bag! She's very cute ... I love how she's working it with her shades! I'm planning to buy one for my DD but maybe when she's a little bit older (unless I find an unbelievable deal on eBay).
  4. Awww, she is so beautiful. :love:
  5. That's too cute!! It looks great on her...LV lover in the works :smile:
  6. Very cute
  7. your daughter is adorable! =)
  8. She's so beautiful! Wow the HL is actually a perfect size for her lol. I've never seen one on anyone before.... it must be teeny tiny/microscopic on a full grown woman! Well it's a gorgeous bag, she must love it!
  9. LOL that is just sooo cute!!!
  10. She is so cute!
  11. very cute!
  12. She is too cute!! The bag looks fab on her!
  13. Thanks for sharing, I want to get one for my daughter as well!!!!