MC Speedy Decisions

  1. :nuts: Hey peeps

    So, i think maybe Sunday or next week i may be heading out again to my local LV botique to check up on my beloved dream bag the Multicolor Speedy.

    I ADORE both colors, so which color do you suggest for me? :confused1:

    And by the way, when is the next price increase so i can continue begging my mom just to buy mine now, before the price hike. :sweatdrop: ( i hope it works)

    thanks everybody, mucho amor :heart:
  2. Get it now, Sophia... It's going to be $2000 if not by Feb 1st then no later than March.
    Which colors do you like more black or white because you can rock both ways.
  3. If your more girly go for white...if not go for black. Although both are stunning! :cutesy:
  4. Ok, i am def going to use that excuse with my mom, haha 2000, dang.

    i still remember when the bag was only 1300.

    i think the colors on the black are more striking, but the white speedy is GORGEOUS too.

    so im stuck =(
  5. I agree, but go for black if you don't want to baby it as much, and worry about getting marks on it.
  6. I say white.....
  7. i love both :heart:

    ok this is why i hate the MC line.
  8. Black MC!!!! :nuts:
  9. Do you think so John?

    i think the black is soo gorgeous, but i dont know how it looks on me. I spent an hour 2 weeks ago in lv holding the white speedy around the store in lv pumps while my mom checked some stuff out haha
  10. I think white looks nicer on you.
  11. I prefer the black now. When it first came out the white was my favorite. You can't go wrong with either.
  12. Hmmmm... well I'm a fan of black MC...

    but now that I really think about it... white MC would stand out more on you!!!
  13. I think the black would look great on you!
  14. My SO's sister has a white one and she had it for two years and never used it. It's very pretty IRL, but I prefer black MC for some reason.. the colors stand out more on black. I use to be a huge fan of the white, but I've crossed over!

    Good luck with your decision Sophia! :biggrin:
  15. REBECCA! ive missed you! haha

    but i still havent made my final decision, so just lookin at what you guys say would fit me.

    i still love both, an equal love :smile: