MC SPEEDY... Are they heavy?

  1. HI,
    I am saving for my HG, the White MC speedy, I have the mono speedy 25 and love love it so much.
    My question is... Are they really heavy? I have heard some people say they are and this worries me. I would also like to know if they sag real bad? I dont want to sell, steal and borrow just to later find out that I worked hard for nothing and am not happy.
  2. It is a little heavy, but it really does'nt bother me. it sags very little because of the hardware on the corners. This bag is such a head turner
  3. YES, once you get your stuff in there VERY,more so after of a day of shopping.
  4. Nah not really. It is compared to the canvas ones but those ones feel like next to nothing when empty.
  5. my mom says it gets really heavy... but it does turn heads as Imaprincess07 said! I have seen people stare numerous times =)
  6. Thanks so much! I think I will suffer for it even if it is heavy :tender:
  7. Yes....but sooooo worth
  8. It's a bit heavy but it doesn't bother me at all. As for the sagging, I don't thinks it sags much. I think the mono speedies sag more.
  9. It doesnt sag as much as the regular speedy because of the hardware on the corners. The trick is to lay your stuff flat on the base. I put my agenda flat underneath the wallet, make-up pouch and everything else so it doesnt sag as much.

    It is heavier than most bags but certainly lighter than the Le Fab. However, the weight is a non-issue for me coz I don't really notice it even when I shop. I think you'll be bothered by the weight, only if you think about it. But I'm not the type who carries a bottle of water in her bag. LOL!

    You can always take out the non-essentials if you need to use it. As for me, it brightens my mood a lot of times and it certainly is a head-turner!! GET ONE!!!
  10. for a hand held bag, yeah, it FELT heavier than when u can carry it in ur shoulder.
    but i think it's worth it if u love it
  11. Yes, it's heavy, but it's worth it. Such a beautiful bag! I think it would be less annoying if it were a shoulder bag, because you wouldn't have to lug all that weight around by hand or on the crook of your arm. Try not to overstuff it if you are going to be carrying it all day long.
  12. i don't think it is TOO heavy, really depends on what you put in it
    but still, i am willing to have a painfull arm! the bag is GORGEOUS!
  13. i don't care. its cute. its not THAT heavy! check out some of the new coach bags. ugly and heavy!
  14. Yes, I would say it gets heavy after awhile of carrying it around especially if you have alot of stuff inside.

    However, it doesn't bother me because it too BEAUTIFUL. :biggrin:
  15. Thanks EVERYONE... I am now saving for the beauty, I have got to be tough and say no to other things sooooooooooooo wish me luck and I will make sure to post photos when ever I do have enough $$$ to get her :shrugs: