MC Speedy and Ursula..

  1. I'm going to get my White Ursula next week! Hehe! But I'm having a problem (again..) The black ursula is growing on me! And I also want a Black and White MC Speedy.. But I can't have them all.. Which one do you think should I let go? My love for the Black Ursula? The Black MC Speedy? Or the White MC Speedy? What do you think?

    let me rephrase..

    Which should I get?

    Black MC Speedy?

    White MC Speedy?

    or Black Ursula?

    I need only two! :biggrin:
  2. Or maybe... letting go of the Black Shirley on my wishlist since I don't need small bags anyway??? What do you guys think??
  3. If you're going to get 2 I would get the black MC Ursula and the white MC Speedy from your list. My favourite would have to be the white MC Ursula though...
  4. Oh it's soo hard! Maybe I'll let go of the Shirley since it's too small and only a few can fit in..
  5. I'd get the black MC speedy and white MC Ursula! Yummy!
  6. 1 Black Ursula & 1 White MC speedy
  7. ^^^ Totally Agree! :tup:

    Another Black MC Speedy & White MC Ursula vote here.
  8. Black MC Speedy and White MC Ursula
  9. Get the black MC speedy and white Ursula. For some reason i think the speedy looks best in black
  10. Black MC speedy....I think the ursula is too big!
  11. I'd get one white piece and one black piece ! :yes:
  12. get what you are going to be happy with ... but I suggest white ursula (which you originally wanted) and a black speedy. You can always get the others later if those styles work out for you.
  13. white MC speedy and white shirley :biggrin:.
  14. I vote for black ursula and white mc speedy, gorgeous combo
  15. I see pics of the black MC here, and I love them, but then I see them in person and the love isn't there. I don't know, the black MC just looks so "neon" to me, even though it isn't. So I prefer the white MC, but I am just weird about white bags in general. I am old school that I would only use it in the spring and summer, even though I know (esp. for me that I am in CA) that white bags can go year round.

    So my advice is for you...white Ursula and black Speedy.