MC Speedy and Removable Shoulder Strap

  1. I love my MC Speedies but latley I been really craving shoulder bags. I remeber the SA telling me awhile back that the strap could cause damage to the hardware that the strap would be attached too. I was wondering if anyone had expierence with the MC speedy and a shoulder strap? If so..did it cause and damage to the hardware or the bag? TIA
  2. I'd like to know this also! (I've also been considering a strap)
  3. I could see it scratching the hardware, especially if there is a lot in the bag. I tried a shoulder strap with the huge MC keepall and it did look like it could cause damage because there was no actual place for the strap, you just had to clip it to the hardware connecting the handles, which is the same in theory for the MC speedy. Unless they made one specifically for it that I don't know about :roflmfao: I've been so out of it lately.
  4. <------yes, I used a larger removable strap from one of the keepalls on my black MC speedy. It wasn't so much that the hardware scratched, it was how it damaged the vachetta around the hardware, and turned it almost black from constant friction. The MC speedies were designed for hand-held use. Never did that again !!
  5. ^wow that doesn't sound too good at all! I guess I'm glad I didn't go with that option then. I really wanted the MC Keepall but didn't want to lug it around by hand.
  6. LVLover, please don't use a shoulder strap on your mc speedies! It will damage the vachetta around the hardware more than anything else, and it would be such a shame to get these ruined...I'd get another bag specifically for shoulder use :yes::idea:
  7. Ah, I'd love to see how it would look with a removable strap.

    I picture it to look gorgeous!
  8. And also, if you want to use the strap, I think you should.

    These bags are made for you to use, i would go ahead and use the strap if you feel so.

    Good Luck Girlie!
  9. What would you guys think about the Noe strap?

    someone is selling one and I'm thinking it might be better than the vachetta strap?
  10. I think a starp would be ok.
  11.'s what my SA told my mom when she first got hers and was asking if a strap could be put on it.
    MY SA said yes, a strap COULD be put on it but it will scratch the hardware or cause other issues. And in that case, they will not repair the bag if they see you put a strap on it because it's not recommended and in their eyes, you "altered" the bag.
  12. i am getting an azur damier speedy soon...because i can't afford the saleya...but on second thought i do really want to try a strap on a speedy, has anyone tried this before?