MC Speedy and color placement

  1. I have been saving to get a MC speedy and have noticed that many people here like certain color placement patterns. Many of you seem to like more pinks on the front. While I am not all that familiar with all the different color placements, I know there are 33 colors (I think?) to the MC pattern. What is a more sought after color placement? Does it have to do with the colors that are on the front pocket? What is considered undesirable as far as color placement goes? I have looked at many, many pictures of the MC speedy in the forums here to try to decide what I would want, but wanted to know what other's opinions were. I am mainly looking for a white MC speedy, but if you have opinions on what colors are best on the black MC one I would like to hear that as well. Also if you could post pics of your color combo choice that would be great!

    Is it pretty common for the SA to allow you to view many different bags to find the right color combo for you?
  2. I'm all about pink! when I went to buy my black mc speedy, I told SA, "as much pink as possible!" and she brought out 3 speedys for me to choose from.
    I only have this pic in my comp at this moment..the area which was covered by heart coin purse has purple logo on it
  3. for me I like tons of pink, purple and blue.
  4. Lot's O pinks for me :biggrin:
  5. On the white Speedy, I don't care so much about color combo because all the colors are pastel and pretty. On the black Speedy, I really hate how the greens look so I prefer ones with lots of pinks and blues.
  6. when it comes to placement, it's all about your own personal preferences. when i was searching for mine, i was more into looking at a good mix of colors and not just a few of the same colors on the bag. i especially didn't want too much pinks aside from the fleurs and motifs (sorry, i'm just not a pink gal and don't like them much on the front of my bag) but instead wanted the green and navy blue on the pocket and with lots of variations of colors around it. i looked for a really long time and found the perfect one eventually. and yes, don't give up looking.....the SAs should be able to bring out as many as you need to make up your mind on it.

  7. when i bought my MC goodies, i just asked my SA to bring out a couple for me to compare... basically i just buy the one i like the most from my instinct...... regardless of what the colour combo is :yahoo:
  8. it really is all about your personal preference. there isn't a color combo that's universally better than the rest. on black MC i really like the blue/green line. but on white MC i like the pink/purple line.

  9. Nakolulu, I love how they heatstamped your initials on the clochette.
    it looks really good. I didn't know they could do that on clochette too.
    I should take mine in for that.
  10. Thanks ladies! I love looking at all the pictures of color combos. It funny how the placement does somewhat change the look of the bag. I hope the SA are nice about showing me different bags so I have a choice. I also do love the heat stamped clochette!
  11. me too!
  12. As for the color combo for me, I like a more variety of colors on the purse as much as possible.

    In other words, I don't like to see repeated colors and would like to see as many diffent colors as possible on the bag.

    I guess its just all based on personal preference when it comes to choosing out your color combo on any MC piece.
  13. I prefer pinks too, and really dislike the mustard LVs on the white canvas. Here are mine:

  14. I didn't even know that there are different color combos...I wish I would have known I would have looked at different ones when I bought my MC
  15. i didn't really care with my pieces... i just wanted a good mix of colors :biggrin: