MC Speedy 30 White help, please??

  1. A coworker is selling her MC white speedy for $750, it looks brand new and definitely authentic. I've always wanted black MC due to white getting dirty faster, but I think this is a good opportunity to get one at a discount. I love how the white looks, especially with summer coming up.

    First, do you guys think MC speedy is still "in"?

    Secondly, would you buy it if you were me?
  2. hmmm...i would really want to make sure first, better to be safe than sorry. as for whether it's still in, i don't think it was ever out, remains one of my favourite pieces. i still carry it and get heaps of looks and compliments.
  3. Buy it only if it's real. There's been too many gfs stories here. Many where not so lucky. Be careful.
  4. Sounds like a good deal, but you really need to be 100% sure that it is authentic....why is she selling it so cheap? Where did she buy it from? Does she still have the receipt? There are a ton of websites that claim to sell authentic LV--but are actually selling replicas. You can post pics in the "Authenticate this Louis Vuitton" thread and our one of our wonderful experts will be able to take a look at the bag.
  5. Good deal if it's many stories like this and turn up the bag is fake.

    If you are unsure about the authenticity, please take detail pics of the bags ( I mean detail) and post it in authenticate this thread

    Good luck..
  6. Hmm..I see you are in SD, I can help you authenticate it if you want..
  7. The bag was purchased on eluxury, she has receipt for it. She's a sweetie, so I think if it were a fake, she sure doesn't know about it. She needs quick cash though, and said she would go to LV with me during lunch to authenticate.
  8. Good deal, if it's real.
  9. I hope it is authentic!! If it is, wow, great price!!!!
  10. Agreed. BUy it if it's real.
  11. that's a good deal! white mc isn't hard to take care of and it doesn't really get dirty(IMO)...

  12. Good luck..Can't wait to see the pics..It's authentic if she said she bought it form Elux..
  13. If you're sure you're getting the real deal... then seriously... at $750US you're getting a real deal!! lol...

    Awesome deal - just be careful since we all just want to make sure you don't get scammed.. intentionally or unintentionally by the seller!
  14. ops double post
  15. I'll grab it since if it's 100% AUTHENTIC