MC Speedy 30 problems

  1. I've read some complaints about the color turning yellow in some MC speedies. Has there been other problems with the MC speedies? Does it stand the test of time or does it end up looking old and saggy? Who owns a MC speedy, and who can tell me how their bag has been? Are you guys overall satisfied with the bag? Also, is it really going to ruin the bag if I leave it in the car during hot days, like in the summer? Thanks for your help guys!
  2. i def. wouldn't leave it in the car on hot summer days...they fixed bleeding problems with the red lining but something like that (ie excessive humidity) might provoke it to bleed...
  3. I have one, and I haven't had any problems with it at all. I've had it for about a year, and I used it all of the time for about 6 months. No bleeding, no discoloration. The only problem is that is is heavy - heavier than any other bag I own. I still use it, but on special occasions, not every day. It is such a gorgeous bag, if you get one you will LoVe it - I promise!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Apparently only the original batch of MC bags had the yellowing, pinking (from the alcantara), and running glue problems. All future shipments were fine, so I'm guessing if you buy a MC speedy now then it should be fine (that is, not on eBay/second hand where the bag can be from 2003).
    As for mine, I've had no problems with it. However, even if they did fix previous probs, it's still not a good idea to sit in really hot and humid weathers....
  5. I would never leave any LV bag sitting in the car under the sun...
  6. I have two MC speedies and both are in great shape, no problems.
  7. I have no idea but mine is still in mint condition and great shape. Anyway, I rarely used it.
  8. i think it is a general rule not to leave any of your LVs under the sun, or in a car during summer :p

  9. I just searched for threads that discusses about bleeding on MC White Speedys as I found out my MC White Speedy has bled (the front pocket did show some bleeding :crybaby:)

    So is it really caused by too much humidity???

    Can please someone share their knowledge about this issue?

  10. Here are the LV MC care instructions found under the LV website:
    To preserve the beauty of your product as long as possible, we recommend you follow these few instructions:
    - Avoid exposing your bag, small leather good or accessory to sunlight, the silk-screen printing colors may fade. Bright and light colors are particularly sensitive to light, due to the pigments used.
    - Store your article in the felt pouch provided to protect it.
    - Prevent your bag from humidity and keep it away from direct sources of heat (radiators, inside of cars in summer). - Avoid prolonged contact with any material that may transfer its color pigments onto the coated canvas (magazines, other leathers...) particularly onto the white canvas: any color migration on the light canvas is definitive.
    - Light coated canvases are permeable to grease and make-up. Although they are easier to soil than the other canvases, they are easy to clean: you can wipe the coated canvas with a light and soft cloth.