MC speedy 30 in white owners. . .

  1. Do you guys ever carry your bag in the fall and winter? Someone mentioned that it's a faux paus (sic?), but I love to carry mine all year long. Do you guys?
  2. I usually carry my Black MC Speedy in the winter/fall and my White one during summer/spring, but there's no rules! sometimes i carry my white during the fall winter months as's all about how i feel a certain day. :heart:
  3. well.. i bought mine yesterday and haven't carry it jet ;) Kinda afraid to take it with me to school, have to put it on the GROUND there so..
    But i'll definitly will wear it in the winter, i have a cute red wintercoat and i think it will look great with that, together with a pair of dark skinny jeans and cute shoes :biggrin: CAN'T WAIT TO TAKE HER OUT :biggrin:
  4. Yeah, I've known about white being faux pas after labor day, too. But, I try to carry my MC Speedy as much as I can all year long :love:. I think the white and multicolors look so cheerful during winter!!! When I'm carrying other bags, I leave it out on display in my bedroom so I can look at it.
  5. I just got my white speedy for my birthday in Oct. so Im still carrying it.
  6. whenever I feel like it
  7. I use mine whenever I'm in the mood for it!
  8. I think you can carry the bag whenever you want to...I do!!
  9. i carry mine whenevrer i feel like it. i don't really follow the "no white after labor day" thing accept with pants and shoes
  10. Carry it whenever you want. The rule of "no white in winter" is old school.
  11. yep, i carry mine whenever. :smile:
  12. Rules are meant to be broken!

    White looks great in winter IMO!
  13. Carry it year round....I think that whole no white after Labor day is so old fashioned.
  14. LOL, I guess I'm old fashioned! I don't think I would carry one in the winter. I just carried my Mini Lin in Dune the other day and it felt weird -- like the linen was inappropriate for December. My grandmother would have been mortified!
  15. I didn't use mine for nearly a year and normally, I didn't use bag by season. All of my bag(s) are for year round.