MC speedy 30 in white owners. . .

I usually carry my Black MC Speedy in the winter/fall and my White one during summer/spring, but there's no rules! sometimes i carry my white during the fall winter months as's all about how i feel a certain day. :heart:
well.. i bought mine yesterday and haven't carry it jet ;) Kinda afraid to take it with me to school, have to put it on the GROUND there so..
But i'll definitly will wear it in the winter, i have a cute red wintercoat and i think it will look great with that, together with a pair of dark skinny jeans and cute shoes :biggrin: CAN'T WAIT TO TAKE HER OUT :biggrin:
Yeah, I've known about white being faux pas after labor day, too. But, I try to carry my MC Speedy as much as I can all year long :love:. I think the white and multicolors look so cheerful during winter!!! When I'm carrying other bags, I leave it out on display in my bedroom so I can look at it.
LOL, I guess I'm old fashioned! I don't think I would carry one in the winter. I just carried my Mini Lin in Dune the other day and it felt weird -- like the linen was inappropriate for December. My grandmother would have been mortified!