MC speedy 25

  1. I have been hoping and dreaming that LV will come out with an MC speedy 25. I know the speedy 25 with the fringe came out but I wasn't in love with it. It was good for a collection piece but not for every day use.
    I even considered having it special ordered but LV does not SO MC.
    I have heard other people mention that they would like an MC speedy 25 as well. I know it would be a good seller. Anyone know why this ag hasn't happened yet or if it will in the future???
    I'm just dying for it!
  2. An MC speedy 25 would be incredible!
  3. it would be so cute in 25. i would by it.:drool:
    i suggested that if we all bombarded LV with requests for a damier batignolles they might give in. maybe we could try for an MC 25 too.
  4. I am going to do that! Maybe they will consider making it if they knew everybody wanted one!
    I really don't care if it is plain like the mono speedy 25 or if it is a mini of the MC speedy 30. Either would be awsome.
  5. i think i'd like a mc speedy 25 with the smaller mc print. i think it'd be interesting :smile:
  6. I can just picture that one! I think it'd be sooo cute!
  7. The 30 really is a big bag- the 25 would be perfect!
  8. I would like that, without the big hardware!
  9. I never thought of the small print! That would be really different! I'd take it with or without all the brass hardware. I just want an MC 25.
  10. it would be great if they made one for petite ladies like me. but that mc speedy 30 has been out for like 3-4years(?) and no 25 yet!! wish somebody would think of making one, though :yes::yes::yes:
  11. hopefully one day LV would have this item, I will buy it !
  12. I can't really see an MC Speedy 25 being made... I think the Fringe line was only able to pull it off.

    It would be awesome though!

  13. It'll be so cute in smaller print:yes:
  14. I didn't like the fringe speedy 25. I mean it was cute but not something I would use. I think an MC speedy 25 without fringe would do way better! If they ever make it I would get it in both colors!
  15. OMG I would buy it in a second.