MC Shoes with Vachetta Flowers

  1. Anyone know what year they were from and what they were called? :confused1:

    TIA! :flowers:

  2. Sorry, can't help but if I'm not wrong it relased before MC kitten heels mules ( slides ) or at the same time, may about 3-4 years ago
  3. Yeah, I think they are rather "old" too :yes:

    If I'm not mistaken, there is also a pair of pointed ankle-strap heels with that flower and mules with 2 foot straps and that flower. They pop up quite often on eBay, but right now there seem to be none to be find.

    I think I have a picture on tPF from someone who had shoes from that line, but I can't find that either :push:
  4. Here's a pic from the tPF LV Shoe Fetishists Club by Expy00

    Those are the 2 strap mules I was thinking of, that's the same line, isn't it?

  5. Oh :nuts: perhaps expy00 know the official name?
  6. I just sent out some PMs ... lol

    Here's a pair from FashionMIKEs Mom

  7. Good luck, hope they still remember :smile: ooh I love the white one, could I know which color you intent to get?
  8. I already got the white ones from my first post :graucho: lol, such a good deal, I just couldn't say no :sweatdrop: now I'm desperately waiting for them to arrive :whistle: I'm sooooo impatient :p
  9. They're really pretty! I don't know the name but I want some lol.
  10. Kittie: Yea I hate waiting for things to arrive don't forget to post pics!!! Congrats!
  11. 222 345.jpg

    222 346.jpg

    here are some more pics! She loves these, I believe they are from 04! Hope you find them!!

  12. Sorry, I just ran across this post. I've been really busy with work and haven't had time to access TPF until now. The MC shoes/sandals with the vachetta flowers are all from the same collection.

    Per my LV receipt, the white MC mules are style #638424 (MULTICOLORE MULE) and retailed for $585 USD back in March 2005. The MC shoes were released in mid to late 2004 if I'm not mistaken. To this day, I so regret not purchasing a pair of the black MC ankle strap/pointy toed sandals.
  13. Here are some add'l photos of the MC mules with the vachetta flowers:


  14. Thanks a bunch everybody :flowers:

    So maybe they don't really have a special name. Lol.

    Expy, how do these run?
  15. I believe they must be have official name :p I've over 20 Lv shoes ( mules, pumps etc ) and all of them have official names but I just remember a few.