MC Shoes - How are they holding up?

  1. Ladies, I need you input!

    I'm currently considering a black pair of the MC ballet flats (don't know the official name, but I think Rebecca has them), but I'm unsure about whether they are worth it or not. :shame:

    They are so cute and seem comfy, but how are they reacting to actually being worn? Are they really prone to scratches and scuffs?

    Please let me know what your experiences with LV canvas shoes are.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I've been curious about LV shoes too. Can't wait to see the responses.
  3. They hold up well. Pretty comfy too.
  4. I only have a pair of spa mules which are holding up great! I'm anxious to see responses here as well.
  5. Thanks everybody :flowers:

    To be honest, I'm not much of an expensive shoe person :shame: All my shoes are 50$ and under (guess where I rather spend the money, lol :p ), so I'm kinda unsure about whether to get the ballerines or not, but they are just soooo darn cute and ballet flats are pretty much all I ever wear :sweatdrop:

    Does anybody know what the retail on the MC Ballet Flats were?
  6. I'm thinking about buying ballet flats too but aah the scare of getting them dirty!
    love to see some modeling pictures of lv shoes ;)
  7. I've got more than 20 pairs of LV shoes, they are all holding up perfectly. I mostly buy high heels, because I do not wear flats at all, but I believe flats are good as well. God luck :smile:
  8. I have 6 pairs and all of them are very comfortable, I do not have any flats but I think they must be very comfortable and I was also thinking on buying the black MC flats, they are so cute.
  9. I'm way late posting on this but I have the same flats Rebecca has in black. Hers look unworn but I am the second owner of mine and they have been thoroughly used by both me and the original girl. I LOVE them. They have one or two tiny scuffs from the MC color but overall they are holding up fabulously!! The leather strip is a dark patina but I clean it occasionally and treated them so I could wear them and not worry about rain. Go for it! I'd love to have the beverly hills ballets on right now also.
  10. Also, there is a black pair on eBay right now in size 36.5 if anyone wears that size! Great price with no reserve.
  11. They hold up amazingly well!
  12. I have always been leary of buying LV shoes as I am soooo hard on my shoes and get tired of them so quickly, I always want knew shoes. I have to say though, as I see the cute styles that are out, I am growing weaker and weaker. I may break down and get some LV shoes soon. :yes: