MC shirley

  1. has it been discontinued? because my dad is bidding on it:smile: since i couldnt get the Tivoli next month:crybaby: but i just wanted to know because if it hasnt then i'll just tell him to stop and get me a new one. i didnt see it on lv's website or eluxury
  2. yes it's been discontinued :yes:, so if you can get your hands on one, hop to it!
  3. OH yeah it discontinued. There's a few on eBay for 1/2 d price but brand new.
  4. thanks. that just means i'll have to make sure daddy wins :yes: lol
  5. I hope he wins one for you...just make sure it real!
  6. Just don't forget to put it on the AUTHENTICATE THIS LV thread before and after the purchase (you don't want to be a victim of bait and switch). Good Luck!
  7. Some LV Boutiques still have a couple of black ones left. LV Sydney has one is black left. Otherwise eBay's best bet. I got mine there!!:wlae:
  8. it's only recently discontinued surely the stores still have some
  9. Coincidentally i was searching for MC shirley too!! Tried my luck at Frankfrut, Milan and Rome but can't find them. Managed to get the last piece in stores at Florence !! :biggrin:
  10. You could try and call 1-866 and see if they can find one for you first!
  11. I just picked up one last night at the LV boutique in Neiman's at Stanford Shopping Center. I know there's one available at the actual LV boutique in Palo Alto, you can try there. Don't know the number though.
  12. I bought the shirley when it first came out and never used it. It is beautiful but it is really small. I couldn't even put my wallet in it. It could hold a cell phone a lipstick and a credit card and that was about it. It sure is beautiful though.
  13. How much do new Shirley's retail for?
  14. ^^^$880. For anyone who wants to snap one up before they're all gone, the best place is 866. I was helped out once by a very nice rep named Maisha...they're able to look up all the boutiques in the U.S. and can let you know which ones have it in stock. I believe 866 also has they're own stock(?) on top of what's available in boutiques.

    Also, what bling-nut said was too true. I own the Shirley & it sure is lovely but doesn't accomodate much.
  15. 866 says that there is a good supply left! :flowers:

    I LOOOOOVE that bag!