Mc Shirley

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I don't usually post in the LV forum but I saw a cute clutch purse in a black MC, I came home found it on the LV site and the style is called the shirley. Does anyone have any idea the retail on this eluxury does not have this bag on their site, does that mean it's discontuned?:confused1:sorry for all the questions I'm confused a bit
    thanks keodi
  2. hi, i just checked elux.. it's available, retails for $840! shirley is such a cutie. she's my next baby :love:
  3. awww thanks pia i'm going to check again.:yes:
  4. It's cute and perfect for clutch or cosmetics pouch :smile: but prefer to use as clutch
  5. Are you gonna get it?
  6. i have the white Shirley and i love it. i use it as an evening bag, and i love that it can be used as a shoulder bag and a clutch too
  7. It's super cute, I love anything in the mc line.
  8. its so cute!! would be my next purchase..still saving now ;)
  9. I have it in Black. I use it as an evening bag. I love it.
  10. I want a white one. I saw it in the boutique and it was cute.
  11. I have white and adore it... use it as day weekend bag and when I'm carrying a larger tote as well.... fabulous and gorgeous lv!
  12. Its such a cutie
  13. I have the white and use it as an evening bag, its so cute. I think I paid around $600 for it on eBay.
  14. I think it's cute but I have to say it is VERY tiny, smaller than a Pochette.
  15. It is so cute i really like it.