MC Shirley on Let-trade!!

  1. There's one up for grabs girls!! Looks quite new
  2. wow! that's good deal! too bad I can't right now.
  3. *sigh* ive wanted this purse soo bad for sooo long...but too expensive for sucha small purse :sad: someone please get it!!!
  4. Ooh I want it! but... I just purchase the similiar from RebeccaLou28 approx. around $600 :sad: ooh... L-T's quite like new :cry:
  5. I wish it was black! Darn let-trade for having such great stuff right now.
  6. Someone please get it!!! ;)
  7. its in excellent conditon...I hope it find a nice PF home.
  8. I love that bag!! too bad I already spent too much money.
    on my way to save up some more.
  9. I want one too but LT's price is still high to me *sigh*

  10. that's right...someone pls get it!! end this torture! lol
  11. The condition's great, it's a reasonable asking price too.
  12. great price for something that looks to be in excellent/like new condition! i would buy it, but i'm saving $$ for other bags right now. hope a pf'er gets it!
  13. Why is this shelf-sitting? Someone should pick it up!
  14. Hurry hurry, it has to be one of us!
  15. SOooooooooooo pretty...was thinking about it!!!!! But realized I have no money...hehehe...someone get it!!!!!!!