MC Rita vs. Neo Cabby MM

  1. I'm a shoulder bag girl.

    I love how both of these purses have an option to wear on your shoulder or be hand held. I love how the Neo Cabby comes in black, LV just doesn't make enough black purses, imo. I checked out the Neo Cabby yesterday and I like the size, but I wonder if the denim is fragile. I don't like babying a purse... but then I saw the Rita! I love how the MC Rita just pops. I love the MC line, but I get worried about the vachetta. (Vachetta = babying) I also heard that the MC Rita is a bit heavy.

    Which purse do you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) think is better? Rita or Cabby?:boxing:
  2. Neo Cabby. No babying and denim is not fragile at all. IMO it's one of the best design out there.
  3. I'd pick the Black Cabby. This bag doesn't need any babying at all. It's a great bag!
  4. Hmmm, I love both ... the Rita is heavier than the Cabby, but it has that extra front pocket and a zipped back pocket! If you pick the Cabby GM, you could actually carry it messenger style as well. Sorry, I know I'm not helping. I say try both on irl and see which one calls to you!
  5. The neo cabby!! Love everything about that bag, esp. the low maintenance aspect of the black leather handles and dark denim... :love: :love:

    The Rita is gorgeous too, but I really hate babying vachetta... :nogood:
  6. CABBY, CABBY, CABBY!! I lvoe this bag!!
  7. MC Rita (black). Just cause black doesn't appear dirty (if it gets dirty).
    I've loved this bag since it came out.
  8. Cabby! Love it in black, especially.
  9. I have the cabby in blue and love it! Great the shape and the option of the two straps!
  10. Cabby, I saw the picture of a member posting it, lovely bag