MC Rita owners, let's count how many we are here!

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  1. Hello Rita owners, I'm just curious on how many we are here in tpf! Please also share your experiences, your love/hate with the bag, or any other concerns with the MC Rita. Like, if you've been regretting that you bought that bag, or you're so happy that you can't live without it!:P

    I'm 1.

    Oh you could also post pictures if you want! :smile:
  2. ooooooo i just love my rita to peices i want another one!

    this makes:

  3. Let's make this a club thread since we don't have one yet in our Louis Vuitton clubhouse. :graucho:
  4. heres my rita!
    boo 003.JPG
  5. Yeah! the Rita Club!!
  6. Here are my photos: ;)




  7. I don't own one but this is my fave MC bag. I love how versatile it is!
  8. I have a White MC Rita and it's my favorite LV hands down!!
  9. That gives us a 3! :smile:
  10. I wish Rita owners will see this thread.... I think there are a lot of us here, but only 3 of us are here
  11. Here's some photos of my Rita :smile:

    Attached Files:

  12. How do you like your Rita bag? Do you find it heavy?
  13. I love my Rita, and I recently had switched it out for my new MC Black Speedy 30 and put my things back in the Rita yesterday and did find it strangely heavier than I had remembered. Then I got used to it and fell right back in love with that bag lol. I would say the heaviness is just something that grows on you and as long as you don't pack THAT much (unlike me lol) I wouldn't even worry about the weight. I do have to say that the Rita is still my favorite LV and am contemplating getting it in black as well, but my darling SO would KILL me, lol.
  14. it looks like two purses in one!!
  15. count me in! i love my white mc rita:yahoo:!