MC Priscilla: roomy & comfy?

  1. I only have a few more weeks until my LV ban is over and I'm in Vegas!
    I think I have decided that I would like to get the MC Priscilla in black for my next bag.
    I've never seen one IRL, so I am wondering if it is roomy and easy to carry on the arm.
    I was considering the MC Alma also, but it looks like I would have to carefully arrange my belongings to keep the shape.
    Thanks for any info you can offer!
    Also, do you think that the Priscilla is easily available?
  2. The alma has too much leather for me! I want a priscilla too in white!
  3. I am the happy owner of both the Priscilla and the Alma in Black MC! Let me compare for you. Both carry as easily as a Speedy. The Priscilla is less to think about (where to put down, is it raining outside) than the Alma since the Alma has the full vachetta bottom. The Alma is easier to get in and out of. Both carry a lot of stuff. Here is the emotional/mental difference...when I carry the Alma I feel like a Princess! She exudes a classiness and refinement as opposed to the sassiness of the Priscilla. Any questions or pic requests I am happy to oblige!
  4. Thank you!
    I think that I am more of a "sassy" girl! :smile:
    Can you tell me if the Priscilla is also rounded in the back or just in the front with the pocket?
    It's so cute!
  5. I have the priscilla and i must say the top opening is a bit stiff to open intitially due to the leather on both side of the zip, but after frequent usage, it has become easier to open.. Priscilla is quite a roomy bag considering the bowling rounded shape.. good luck with your choice and post pixs once you have her!!!
  6. I prefer the alma's look, but I sold mine because of the vachetta bottom. I'd go for the priscilla.
  7. I am not sure if I know what you mean. But I would describe the bag as somewhat yes, I think that may answer your rounded question. It is a practical bag. Oh, and let me add that the buckle on the pocket does kind of flap over if there isn't anything in the pocket. I tuck my Palm or Digital Camera in there and it keeps the buckle upright.
  8. Oh, and let me add, that for some reason my zipper has lost a lot of it's golden luster due to this tighter first I wondered why and I realized it was from my hand rubbing against the zipper teeth to enter and exit the bag. The teeth on the sides are more golden.
  9. Thank you for the responses. I think I will be ok with the tighter fit of the opening; my epi speedy can be like that sometimes.
    I think the Priscilla is such a cute bag, she has really grown on me in the past few weeks and I can't wait to see one IRL!
  10. I have a priscilla, she is the most beautiful bag in my collection.

    she is as roomy as my speedy 25 but the top opener is a bit stiff as they mentioned above and the buckle doesn't stay upright unless you put something in the front pocket. I don't put anything in though, I don't like to unbuckle it everytime I have to take something out so I just leave it like that. but still she is so adorable

    if you'd like to see more pictures of the bag- front, back, top, side. you can check out my thread, I posted it last month when I first got my Priscilla
  11. Thank you for sharing your pictures! The Priscilla looks beautiful on you.
  12. The Priscilla is very roomy, and with any handheld carried on the arm...well, they leave red marks on my arm after awhile so I wouldn't exactly call it "comfy".
  13. yeah, they really do leave red marks. I forgot to mention, not only priscilla is the most beautiful bag in my collection, she is the heaviest bag in my collection too :sweatdrop:
  14. get the Alma its so gorgeous in person. I have it both black and white, its a real head turner bag.
  15. I agree the Alma is fabulous! I'm so torn right now...but in a good way! :smile:
    I know that I won't make a final decision until I have them in front of me, but I respect the opinions of my fellow tpf-ers!
    Thank you!