MC Priscilla on eLuxury now!!! go go go!!! :P

  1. Adorable, that'll be gone in no time! :biggrin:

    Wow, Damier Knightsbridge and MC Aurelia are up there too!
  2. [​IMG] I dont mind this one too much.

  3. The Priscilla is such a cute bag,I wish LV would produce this bag in the Monogram canvas.
  4. I love the MC Priscilla! I wonder if it would fit all my junk:hrmm:
  5. someone on the Forum just recently purchased a Priscilla...gorgeous~!
  6. I love that Damier Knightsbridge bag. It's lovely....
  7. Cute! Especially the MC
  8. I like that Priscilla, I just don't know if I'm crazy about that pocket on front.
  9. I don't know the name of the second damier piece but I saw it yesterday when I was at LV... it is quite the big bag !

    My favorite of the new multicolore LVs is the Eliza!

  10. Cute bags!
  11. Sorry but for some reason, the Eliza reminds me of a cheap bag.

    But I like the Priscilla lots.
  12. I put the black priscilla in my eLUXURY shopping bag this morning but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to complete the purchase :unsure: .

    I :love: the style of the bag but I don't know if the MC line is me :blink: .
  13. nice :smile: I just wish I could afford it!
  14. Oh I like ... very classy.