MC it or hate it?


Love the priscilla of hate it ??

  1. Love IT

  2. Hate IT

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  1. how many of u love the priscilla and how many of u hate it? please vote here. thanks :graucho:
  2. Hate is such a strong word! Please no one say you hate will hurt my feelings and Priscilla's.
  3. I LVoe LVoe my Priscilla that's why i bought it.Are you thinking of buying??
  4. haha... oredi got one person hate it. :p
    sorry for using tat word..... :biggrin:
    quick ppl, come here to vote.
  5. Welcome to the internet Priscilla and Feelings. :heart: ;)

    I think it's ok. I still like some of the others design more. I think it looks nicer in white, like any other multicolor bag.
  6. I don't hate, it's just not for me.
  7. I think its cute, but like the speedy more.
  8. I think the bag is really cute. And I want one badly!!
  9. Love it. I have one.
  10. honestly, i wish they made it in monogram/damier...
  11. I don't hate it's just not my style.
  12. I don't have the Priscilla but I do like it.---so, that would be close to love it.
  13. LVoe it!
  14. i have one in white.. :love:
  15. I think it's cute ... I don't have to have it ... but I don't hate it.