MC pouchette GM

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  1. Anyone own one? Are they worth the $$$$$? do they fit much???
  2. I exchanged a pomme small agenda for one last week (long story) and to be honest l think it's ok but so far l have just used it as a make up bag. I will try to post you some picks later.
  3. hi lvpug--lots of threads on this. do a search. pics too.:yes:
    it is adorable,but quite thin/flat and some use it as a wallet/clutch.
  4. I LOVE it and WANT it! White. But, have never seen it IRL, just love it on the forum...
  5. ohh, please do, I like it too, but it seems so thin...I would love to see what it holds.
  6. I could only find pics of the mm version with the key chain....the GM is larger without any key chain..if you come across any pics please let me know...that is why I started the is a newer accessory and not quite as popular as the regular pouchettes....
  7. I would love to see pics as well...cannot find any on this site and debating on wether or not to get one for my aureilla mm...thanks:yes:
  8. here is my one
  9. I have been on the fence about a lockit and your bag makes me want the LH now!! Thanks!!
  10. i want a pochette mm! anyone have one so i can see a pic? i've only ever seen the GM in real life and they were all out of the mm's. i think the mm would be the size i want but the elux pics are hard to compare the size to other things...
  11. I saw this over the weekend, and my SA was pushing me to get this rather than the Azur mini pochette. But I think it's too thin and big to hold what I wanted. But it looks great as a clutch though.
  12. thanks for posting a pic of you really like it/ pros and cons of it...debating whether or not to get one...would love your honest feedback...does it it much?tnaks
  13. I have yet to see this in person but it looks so thin but looks like it could expand if stuffed... but I persoanlly favor all MC things except the new bags coming out so I wouldnt even question this if it was me, I would just buy it lol
  14. ya, if you like it, you should def buy it! I'd think that it's very functional!
  15. would love to see what it looks like filled...hate buying and returning...try to do my homework first then this site with all the reviews and feedback it really helps people make informed choices especially if you cannot go into the store and see it irl....the pics help also...thanks everyone