MC Pochette/Speedy?

  1. Must. Have. :drool: I wanted one all through college and saw all my friends carrying the fake ones but refused to buy a fake LV. I LOVE both the pochette and the speedy. Black or white, I don't care-- what should I look for as far as authenticity goes? I don't have a lot of LV (I do love my large keepall though!). What's the retail price of these? Can I even still FIND one? Any info greatly appreciated, ladies! :heart:
  2. MC are permanent pieces so you can still find them. im not sure on the retail price in the US, check elux(link at the top of this forum). as for authenticity, they are heavily faked, if you can find some on eBay you can post a link to the auction in the authenticate this thread in the shopping section of this sub forum and everyone is happy to give their opinion. hope you find one and love it IRL.
    also, you can get speedys with lots of pink on or lots of blue on depending on where the fabric was cut. HTH.
  3. Retail is $590 :smile:
  4. That's not bad at all! Is that for the pochette?

    What about the Speedy?
  5. I have black Speedy and Pochette and I love them to pieces, I could give up all my other bags but not the MC Speedy.
    I'm hoping to get the white ones too :graucho:

    Eluxury retail price is 1910$ for Speedy and 590$ for Pochette. And they are permanent, so you can still get both :yes:
  6. ooh, are you coming over to LV? :graucho: good stuff! MC is great; I love how colorful MC pieces are!

    The Authenticate This! thread:
    is definitely a great resource!

    Also, let-trade has a white MC speedy and a black MC pochette up right now!
  7. Thank you penguins!!!

    And yes... haha.. I may in fact be coming over.... because one LV piece just isn't enough!
  8. OT but are you an alum of the University of Arkansas?

    Gotta love the SEC :tup: I'm a student at Florida!
  9. Hehe yes yes I am, I love the SEC!

    I actually lived in Fort Myers, FL for a year last year, too!

    ....hmmm, you know, back on topic, the mono speedy 25 is a lot more affordable....
  10. I have the Mono Speedy 30 and it is my fav bag. However the pochettes are soooo eassssyyyy to use for a whole day of shopping you don't even remember they are their hanging on your arm!
  11. I have a mono speedy 30, too and love it to death. It's very practical, especially if you do look at it from an affordability standpoint. But you have to go with your heart, especially if MC is something you've been lusting after for years.

    ...I have several friends at U of Ark, great people!
  12. Whatever you decide on, good luck! You won't turn back anytime soon. ;)
  13. Good choices! I hope to have both a white and black MC speedy one day. eBay has some good deals - just use the authenticate this section.