MC pochette or azur pochette?

  1. My bf is buying me something louis for about 200 euro's. I have nothing summery yet but the weather is not that great here so i thault a summert pochette is enough. On the other hand i am worried that it wont get used much, maybe i should get a wallet or a agenda but i like it more if he can still buy me a little bag.. back to topic is love both these pochette's but somehow i feel the azur would be harder to match with other pastels. Wich one do you like the most?
  2. The MC pochette! It's such a pretty bag, and it's the cheapest out of the MC line! The azur is nice too, but I think the MC is the best choice!
  3. I actually think that the azur would be easier to match and would look great with pastels. I love them both though!
  4. White MC pochette it has 33 colors to match any outfit:nuts:
  5. Azur :yes: :yes:
  6. I have the Azur and the MC White Pochette.....I like my MC, but the Azur is more simple.....I think you should go for the MC though, cause its fun, and a nice evening bag :p
  7. azur
  8. hmmm...i like both but i think the MC is more summery than the azur.
  9. MC pochette goes with everything and it is perfect for summer
  10. MC pochette!

    I love the azur canvas, but it lost because I despise the cotton canvas they use inside.....:push: MC's is alcantara, very soft and much more luxurious feeling
  11. MC Pochette!
  12. azur!
  13. This is a nice combo---- otherwise I'd buy the MC Pochette, it's so colorful!!!

  14. Azur pochette! I wear tons of pastel and it really goes well with bright, light, neutral, and dark colors!
  15. Azure pochette!