MC Pochette MM

  1. Has anyone seen this pochette at their local boutique? I'm in love! :love: If so, how much do you think it will hold? Right now, I have a small cerises pochette (the one that came with the bucket) that I keep inside my bags to hold the small, "floating" junk - i.e., travel brush, pen, lip gloss, compact, chap stick and the like. The cerises pochette is nice and roomy, but I wouldn't mind having something different every now and then. Plus, I'd rather have this do double duty and use it as a clutch for when I go out (not that I ever do :p ).

    Any info would be great. Thanks! :nuts:

  2. me want one too...sweet
  3. it's pretty big and about the size of the bucket 4x7 inches
  4. Another PFers from Visual Aid.
    First one is a GM and the second one is the MM.
    oct1001222.jpg pochettemc.JPG
  5. It is pretty big, but very flat, you really can't hold more than cards, money, and receipts.
  6. It is so cute.
  7. That's exactly what I wanted to know :yes: The cerises pochette has more width, so it might hold more. I might have to call 866-VUITTON and see if there is one available at the local boutiques around here so I can check it out.

    pinki, thanks for the photos! Great size reference :nuts:
  8. LOL that is one hot piece for "floating" junk. Oh to be junk in your bag ;)
    Good luck making everything fit :biggrin: I'm curious how it compares to a perf plate :biggrin:
  9. for the flatness, just find a miroir pochette somewhere :smile:
  10. ^Measures 6 x 3 and it's flat.
  11. Love this item in MM and GM:love: , and also wanted to use it as clutch. Unfortunately it really is a plate--completely flat. I don't think it could hold evena lipstick and a compact without bulging and ruining it's sleek look:sad: . For cards and $$$--fine though.:yes:
    The perfo plate actually does have some thickness to it and can hold more from pics I've seen in the thread dedicated to the perfo plate.
  12. :roflmfao: Heehee, the junk in my bag rocks :p I just fell in love with the look of it, and I have to justify buying such a frivolous accessory, y'know :graucho:

    Thanks for the info, ladies. I still might take a look at it in person if I can, but will probably end up passing and stick with the cerises pochette. I agree with Michelle, I wouldn't want to ruin the sleek, pretty look of this pochette.
  13. I have this style in black in the smaller size. I just bought it from Eluxury last week and LOVE it.......... I am using it as a wallet and it is perfect.......
    I put my credit cards in the front zipper part and my money and gift cards in the large part. It holds things but to me they need to be paper things, I could not see the smaller one holding other things. I love mine and it fits great in my smaller purses and I can't see going back to a regular fold or zipper wallet after this, it is just so easy to organize my things that used to be in my wallet but it takes up little space....
    I really like it and the price was aBOUT $330.00 with shipping for the smaller size. I am not sure how big the larger size is.
  14. Thanks! I think bc I keep looking at this accessory, I might have to buy it and if I did, I'd use it exactly as you do--a wallet alternative. Helps me to know it works that way for you....:yes:
  15. I posted these in another thread of my black pochette mm. I really love it since it holds much more than a wallet and my wallet was getting bulky with all the cards. I'm thinking of getting the vernis envelope plate/flat pouch though to replace it. There's about 15 cc's/gift cards and cash that I hold in the larger area and coins in the front zipper pocket. I got it for $310 at the Ala Moana LV. Plus it fits in small pochettes like my sophie :yes: oh yeah I can also fit my razr in it too if I take out some cards so it's great as a clutch.
    pochettemm.jpg pochettemm2.jpg