MC Pochette mm in black or white or something else??

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  1. HI, I recently got a new Damier speedy 25 so now I think I want a new wallet, but I don't want the conventional wallet with compartments, so I have narrowed down my search to the following-

    -the MC pochette MM in black or white
    -or a Balenciaga coin purse, either in chocolate, lilac or black.

    I don't want a cles because I carry too much stuff for it and I like to throw in my receipts, coins, cards and sometimes my cell phone into it so I can carry it into a store, so I figure one of these would be perfect.

    Anyone have the MC pochette and how practical do you find it and if you have pictures, please post!!!
  2. I have the GM:


    I think it's very practical and not to mention cute! LOL. The MM looks like a good size and should fit most of what you want it to fit. Not so sure about the cell though. Unless it's pretty small.
  3. AKI I think.. has the pochette MM in black.. it looks really good in the modeling pics when she hung it off her Chanel bag. I also love Balenciaga coin purse.. preferably in black. LOL. Sorry, I'm not much help.
  4. yes I love my black mc mm. It's really practical, I returned my azur cles for it since it couldn't fit too much. I'm using it as a wallet right now since my other one got too bulky, just stick all my cards, cash, receipts in it, and coins in the front pocket. I can fit my razr in with all my cards too. The gm is super cute too! but mm is also a good size. Here's the pics Jen mentioned...
    black mc pochette mm & on baby cabas
  5. AKI I love looking at that pochette. Congrats on your 1000th post! :yahoo:
  6. ^thanks! and I didn't even notice! lol.
  7. Thanks for the pictures and replies.
    I can't decide which one to get. They both seem just right, but I would probably worry about the leather more on the Balenciaga than I would on the LV b/c it's canvas.

    Have you noticed the colors rubbing off? I wish they made it in the mono, it would be cheaper and match everything!!!
  8. ohh the pic of the gm looks so nice in white...I am getting tempted...the mm is nice as well and black is gorgeous too...I am no help because I like them all...;)