MC Pochette MM/GM or MC Wapity?

  1. i'm stuck in a rut. i can't decide which to get and if my financial conditions allowed, i would get them all. but unfortunately that won't a while.

    So i've come up with some pros for all these items i'm considering...

    -Pochette MM: small, cute; can be used as a cles key chain, hold cards and possibly a thin cell phone? not sure about a camera...

    -Pochette GM: planning on using as a going-out clutch, seems big and roomy, can probably hold wallet, camera, cell phone, make up etc even though i am not sure how it would fit in the flat pouch...

    -Wapity: can be used as a quick-errand/ going out clutch, roomy, holds camera, phone, cards, keys etc...but probably not all at the same time

    I would appreciate anyone who owns these items for some input as to how much these hold and which would be most worth to buy (in terms of utility..)
    Thanks for your input! Pictures would be most helpful as well!
  2. MC Pochette GM:yes: Looks great and hold the most out of the three I reckon.
  3. i like the Wapity. the Pochette just looks weird to me :blink:. i have the white Wapity and it can hold my phone, cards, money and lip gloss all at once :yes:
  4. Wapity.
    Either in black or white, fabulous
  5. My wapity can fit my cell (samsung...not super small) and camera (cannon elph), plus a couple of cards/cash, I attach my keys on another ring to the wrist strap. It is a tight squeeze, but it does fit.

    On the pouchettes, I played with them the other day and they are super cute, but seem pretty flat, don't know how much they will hold...I'll look forward to hearing from those who have them, too :smile:
  6. Wapity does seem like it will be more practical. And to me, I think its the best little accessory made!
  7. if u had to choose between the 2, i would suggest wapity...i have the white MC wapity and can hold my samsung phone, a few credit cards + driver's license, lip gloss and paper bills..
  8. yeah the wapity is more practical. I use it for errands it can hold your essentials. The pochettes are super cute but look good just for cash/coins.
  9. Wapity! I LOVE my monogram one, it's a nice outfit for my camera! ;)
  10. thanks for all the replies so far. still deciding...:wondering
  11. I'd get the wapity. It's easy to carry, can dangle off your wrist while you carry other stuff in your hands and you put a fair bit in there. I carry cards, small set of keys, change and a lip gloss. It makes a great wallet IMO.
    ( And people tell me how cute it is.)
  12. I actually like the GM. I think it fits more and it more classy.
  13. im in love with the wapity.
  14. I have both. As far as looks I like the Pochette GM but the Wapity is more practical. The down side about the Wapity is that EVERYONE has it. Bleh. I don't like to have something that everyone has. I feel like a clone. Just as well, I haven't even used my Wapity once since I bought it. Hehe.
  15. I like the look of the GM .. I saw the MM and it would be good for me:graucho: