MC Petite Noe

  1. I have been eyeing :heart: :love: MC Petite Noe for a while now. What do you think of this bag? Please post picture wearing it.:yes:
  2. though MC is not my fav. I do like this bag! If you've been eyeing for a while just do it before there's another price increase!! I happen to like it in white...(though I usually go for the black) but I think the white does it more justice IMO....
  3. If you search the Visual Aids thread for petit noe, you'll get a few results. Warning: LV_Addict's photos will make you want one!
  4. ^^ Haha, thats soooo true. Ever since LV_addict stated her love for the noe, Ive been wanting a black petite noe.
  5. Yeah I agree LV_Addict will make you want one!:love:
  6. I can't find any pics carrying the MC Petite Noe. Please post if you have one.:yes:
  7. I want this in MC Black! :yahoo:
  8. I found this pic. It's one of tPF members with her MC Noe:
  9. That's actually a cute bag:yes:
  10. Thanks Irene!:yes: I :heart: it even more now.:girlsigh:
  11. I really love the pic LV_Addict. I didn't realize it had outside pockets.
  12. I was looking at the MC ones but I am too cheap to spend this kind of $$$ on a Noe.:lol: All of my Noes are used, but in MINT condition, from eBay. Three Noes that I have (and one on the way:nuts:) cost me just a little over what ONE new Noe would have cost in the store!!!:wlae:
  13. Wow, that pic makes the bag look GORGEOUS! :love: I really want one now! :nuts: :roflmfao:
  14. I love that picture. I would love to have a Petit Noe in MC Black.

  15. ....and THANK YOU LV_addict, :flowers: :heart: i have one on the way too!! your wonderful pictures (of you wearing them!) did IT for me! :tender: i have epi (blue/black discontinued) version arriving shortly!! :nuts:

    i tried MC white one last time i was at's the cutest! :love:
    Petite Noé $1,430.00.jpg