MC petite Noe pics in a pink room

  1. Here are pics of my one year-old MC petite Noe posing in my daughter's pink room.
  2. Sorry here are the pictures....
    MC petite noe 1.jpg MC petite noe 4.jpg MC petite noe 3.jpg MC petite noe 2.jpg
  3. It looks fabulous!

    Her room is cute!
  4. Thanks Sophia, my hubby just finished painting it!:smile:
  5. Such a pretty room, love the Noe, and love the Room!
  6. that paint job rocks!
  7. sweeeeet!
  8. wow love ur room! ur bag is gorgeous too!!
  9. her room is sooo cute and love the bag!!
  10. Your MC Noe still looks brand new! I can't believe it's 1 year old. Great pics!
  11. Hi Cheryl,

    I only used my MC Noe twice since purchasing it. I should use it more often, but now I'm enjoying my Neverfull MM for the summer!
  12. So cute!! The bag and the room are both gorgeous.
  13. Thanks for sharing. Such a cute room and the Noe looks "happy"!
  14. That bag is sooooo cute! I was never a fan of the MC but looking at yours, maybe Im changing my mind! Its so pretty!!! :graucho:
  15. your daughter's room is beautiful!! and i love your new bag!