MC Petit Noe Owners-Help!!

  1. Do you use this purse everyday? How is it holding up because I know the color eventually starts to wear off. I have a mono petit noe which I love and would like another but I don't baby my bags so am a little concerned about the color coming off. Anybody have these problems?
  2. I really want the MC petite noe too. It's a major expense, so I was wondering about it holding up well too... I like the mono mini noe also... but, can't answer your questions, sorry.
  3. I do have a black MC Noe, I love it but I have not used it enough, so it is basically brand new. It is such a cool bag, but I am afraid of staining the vachetta bottom. I saw a girl last night with a broken in black MC speedy and it was beautiful so I will be using my noe more because I know they will only get better with age and it was alot of money for it to be in my closet. But I can tell you that I have MC agenda that I use everyday and there is no color coming off.
  4. I have a black MC noe which is still pretty new. I have taken it out quite a few times though. So far no trouble with the vachetta bottom, so long as you don't put it on the floor it shouldn't get too dirty.
    I can't say yet about the rubbing off but I don't think it would happen too much with a shoulder bag - I have rub off on my white mc wapity but this is from scratching it with keys, dragging it in and out of bags etc.
    The MC Noe is a beautiful bag, the leather ties and buckle straps are already starting to soften up on mine and are nicer to use.
  5. I don't own this bag however I totally love this bag and hope to have this be my first and probably only LV bag purchase. Since I don't have an LV store near me I wasn't even sure they still had this bag forsale. How much do these bags go for right now? Maybe by the end of the year they will still have one and I'll be able to save for one!
  6. You should wear it and not worry about it. Worst things can happen if you just leave it in the dustbag inside the gift box.
    Enjoy it and wear it in good health. This MC Petit Noe deserves your love and others :drool:. Seriously!!!
  7. Good point about wearing it and enjoying it. It kills me to pay that much $$ for it to rub off. I love it so much more than the Epi. I will probably buy it before the price increase.
  8. couture girl had a wapity and some of the flowers came off.
    i would just stick to your mono if you dont baby your bags...