MC petit noe or MC speedy?

  1. Hi,
    I am new to this forum and wanted to get some advise on a future purchase. I plan to order a bag from eluxury today before the price increase. I am torn between the white mc petit noe or white mc speedy. Any suggestions on which bag is a better choice?
  2. I like the noe because it seems more up to date to me.
  3. White MC Speedy it's so chic...
  4. I like the Noe too. But the Speedy is nice. I hear it's heavy though. Did you want a handheld or a shoulder bag?
  5. I like the MC speedy. I like how you can zip it....guess it depends on if you want a shoulder bag or not!?:shrugs:

    Good Luck and let us know what you decide! :yes:
  6. They're both beautiful... it really depends whether you want a shoulder bag or not. I gotta say the speedy gets heavy after a while (not ideal for a day long shopping)
  7. speedy all the way!
  8. Thank you for the suggestions! I have both styles in the classic monogram and love both so I guess I really do not have a shoulder/handheld preference. I went to the lv boutique yesterday and held both bags and loved them. The white MC is so beautiful in person. This is such a hard decision!
  9. MC Speedy! such a fun bag! but it really depends on if you want a handhled or shoulder bag. May i suggest Alma, and w/additional strap, you can wear it shoulder bag style!
  10. I do like the alma it has such a great classic shape! The shoulder strap is a great idea as well!
  11. I think the speedy is classic in mc.
  12. I would choose a black MC Speedy. :biggrin:
  13. MC Speedy !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Noe ...everyone has a speedy.
  15. I am using my black MC noe today and I do have to say it is very comfy. Which color are you thinking about?