Mc Pegase...anyone??

  1. Has anyone heard anything more about the MC pegase I would really really love one but don't know if it's still planned.

    One of my SA's said it was a possibility a while ago but I emailed Vuitton the other day and I have just received a reply saying there are no plans for it?

    Are the with holding info has anyone heard anything else?

  2. I think it's still a possibility but that they're not saying anything JUST yet. I know when my SA told me about the Vernis Pegase, it was about February. So maybe it'll be a fall addition and we'll hear of it at the end of the summer or so.
  3. thing is if i wait and it doesn't happen then I may not have the chance to get vernis one but I'd rather have the MC over the vernis

    tell me LV I need to know AARRRGGGHHH
  4. Lol errrrgh. Maybe you should go for the Vernis now just in case. Then when and if the MC comes out, you can sell the Vernis one to fund the other one. Or just add to your Pegase collection hehe.
  5. I have been desperate for this info too same as label addict I want to get mc more than vernis but at the same time would love a vernis should mc not come out

    I have rung and popped into Lv many times Last day I spoke to them was friday (yesterday) A kind SA lady rung me back on it and said she sure it is to be confirmed soon but there is nothing as of yet :sad:
  6. Even though it sounds very, very hot with a Pegase in MC - I think it's gonna be difficult to keep it clean ?
    I do not own a product from the MC-line myself, but reading threads about MC, it sounds like it's getting dirty very easy.

    I also want a Pegase in the monogram or damier.
    If monogram, then I want the mono Steamerbag45 following, and if damier then a greenwich PM next to ;D
  7. Im pretty sure the MC Pegase will be released...pretty sure though, not 100%.

    Haha, but Ill let you know if its confirmed!
  8. Actually, they're pretty easy to keep clean, if they do get a bit dirty, they're able to be just wiped right off.
  9. Yup, I totally agree with Lvbabydoll. :yes:

    Lots of people think that the Multicolore pieces get "easily dirty" and are "very hard to clean".

    I have many MC pieces and anytime they get dirty ..... I just grab some baby wipes and it comes right off with no problems at all. :biggrin:

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    I sure hope a MC Pegase comes out! *crosses fingers*