MC Pastilles key ring is up on Elux!!

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  1. Multicolore Pastilles key ring is up on Elux, as well as all Groom pieces except green zippy organizer.
  2. link please?
  3. No link anymore..... they've been snatched up. Unbelievable.
  4. You practically have to camp out in front of your computer to get anything. I've bought every piece of the Groom collection except the green zippy. I really want to get it through ****** > eluxury. I may have to just get it through LV and eat the state tax... on $695. Ugh.
  5. wow...that was gone fasssst...
  6. Anyone catch the price on the pastilles key ring?
  7. Geez..I want that keyring too! I'd at least like to see it on elux..
  8. Only this one at the moment...
    hmmm candy .jpg
  9. I am actually so glad that the keyring came out later....I thought that's what I wanted, but got the longer one instead....I am so glad I did, I love it!
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