MC Pastilles Key Chain..LE??

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  1. Anyone know if the MC Pastilles key chain/bracelet is permanent OR is it gonna be limited??? Thinking of getting it in Nov/early Dec.

  2. i think its limited realy not sure
  3. It's limited.
  4. I think it's just limited run, not limited edition.
    Limited run- only produced for a set amount of time
    Limited edition- only a certain number of the piece was made
  5. Rebecca, you're a genius! Hahahaha. Seriously, you REALLY have a lot of LV knowledge. You rock! :jammin:
  6. Thx all!!!!!!!:yes:

    Thx Lvbabydoll!!!!!!!!!!:yes: YIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!:shocked: I better think "seriously" of getting one soon then! ;)
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