MC Pastilles Bracelet v. Brown Pastilles Bracelet

  1. I am going to a LV VIP party tomorrow night with Stefanis (and hoping to run into Vuittonloverintemp as well!!) and I do not know if I should get the MC Pastilles or Brown Pastilles bracelet.

    What do you guys think??

  2. BROWN!!!! it's soooo pretty! i want one! they're not on elux. i wanted to see how much they are- not that i could afford it.
  3. Brown!!! :biggrin:
  4. Both of them are lovely. I guess it depends on what handbags are in your collection. So if you are undecided- get both :yes:
  5. ^LOL I know!! They are pretty pricey!!

    Is there anything in particular that draws you to the brown? (ie goes with more outfits, etc)???

  6. HAHA you are evil!! LOL:p


    The bags in my collection are:

    damier speedy 30
    mono speedy 35
    azur speedy 30
    black epi speedy 30
  7. i think it's more subdued and really classy.
  8. I like both, you can get mc to add color or else brown to be matchy with ^those bags, maybe not the azur though.
  9. ITA :yes: after seeing IRL and I think it would great with your collection that you have listed.
  10. ama- show a pic of you modeling it!! please!!!
  11. I would go with brown, very classy and I personally think it looks better than the MC, although I like them both!
  12. brown
  13. Here is a picture is this the one you are thinking about?
  14. ^drool!!! :smile:
  15. no, ON YOU!!! :happydance: :happydance: