MC or Mono Speedy? Need opinions!


MC or Mono Speedy

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  1. Do you ever just wake up one morning and realize you HAVE to have a particular bag? :lol: I don't have a Speedy yet and I'm having a hard time deciding between MC (black) and Mono 30. I have a Mono Recital and a Damier Saleya PM so this would be my third LV. My wardrobe is pretty casual, mostly jeans and polo shirts in bright colors which I think would look cute with MC. But then again the Mono is a classic. And less expensive. Any opinions would be appreciated!!!! :flowers:
  2. I personally like the black MC more, even though the mono is classic.
  3. I don't have a mono speedy :shame: (I think that's the only speedy I don't have:lol:). I find that I have enough of other mono bags if I am ever in the mood to carry mono. I do have a black MC and LOVE it to death! It looks FANTASTIC with jeans!!! I think if money is no object, go for MC!!!:yes: Here is a "visual aid"!;)
  4. I vote MC because I'm getting tired of the Mono Speedy.
  5. Irene, your pic is what made me start thinking about the Black MC! It looks fabulous on you!!!!:flowers:
  6. I am with you. I own 4 speedys and no monos. My Black MC is my favorite speedy. I highly recommend it!!!
  7. Thank you!!! I think you should get it!!! You won't regret it!!! How about getting a pre-loved one?:idea:

    Selena, I knew that you'd love it!!!:graucho:
  8. i have a Mono Speedy 25, and i prefer that. i don't like all the hardware going on with the Multicolore Speedy. by the way, have you considered the Damier Speedy? it's the same price as the Mono
    speedy 002.jpg speedy 001.jpg damier speedy 002.jpg damier speedy 001.jpg
  9. The Mono Speedy is one everone should have I think!!

    I love the black MC looks FAB on Irene and makes me want to get one now!!
  10. i would get the black MC speedy.
  11. mmmm... go with a black MC Speedy... :biggrin:
  12. I don't really care for the hardware either. I love the Mono and Damier Speedys.
  13. Yeux, your Speedies look great and I love the camo pants. So cute! I was thinking about the Damier (love it!) but since I have the Saleya I wanted to get something different. :flowers:

    Everyone, I really appreciate all your comments!!!
  14. Get the black mc !! You will love it :heart:

    You can see mine in avatar, used as a dog-carrier :P
  15. Mono---b/c it's timeless & ageless! Plus, it's easier to keep the canvas clean!