MC monogram Rita ??

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  1. Just curious if any bought MC Rita? I am quite tempted to buy this bag because it can be worn as a shoulder bag but i have to really think about this since its quite expensive here in NZ :crybaby:i wish i live in the States :push:
  2. I know somebody who has- but she's waiting for it in the mail right now!

    what a lovely bag tho'!!!
  3. I bought my white MC Rita about three weeks ago. I LOVE this bag! It is so gorgeous and it is quite roomy for all my daily stuff I carry around. The shoulder strap really comes in handy when I want my hands free. Somehow I am able to put the regular handles on my shoulder so sometimes I don't even use the shoulder strap! It's a versatile bag! Good luck with your decision!!
  4. I bought it 3 days ago, it is really cute, for me it is like a pearl.

  5. I have it in both white and black and love it. It's one of my fave bags ever. Hands down my fave of the multicolore line!
  6. I have been thinking about this bag for weeks!!! Let us know if you get it! I love it! I would like to see it IRL. I will be in Chicago in a few weeks and will check it out then!