mc mini pochette

  1. does it exist? i'm not an mc person, but i'd love a mini pochette... thanks!
  2. There is a regular sized pochette, but to my knowledge no mini one
  3. I would love a MC Mini Pochette, too. It doesn't exist though.
  4. The only Mini MC Pochettes I can think of were the ones that came with the Fringe Speedy's... :drool:
  5. Wapity is an option, about the same size.
  6. Those ARE :drool:
  7. nope, not the mini tho :smile:
  8. too bad! it would be so nice!
  9. The wapity's are really useful, too.
  10. yes i would like a mc mini pochette
  11. haha. heres a very scary horror story:
    once upon a time there was a girl who wanted a mini mc pochette. so she bought the franges bucket, and cut off all of the fringes of the pochette that
    came with it.
    the end.
  12. :confused1: why, oh why????
  13. haha. dont worry. im only kidding
  14. Thank the lord, I was about to start crying:yes: :P