MC Mini HL

  1. Does anyone have this little bag? If so, how much does it hold?
  2. It holds as much as a pochette. It's also being discontinued.
  3. Thanks for answering. Good thing I ordered the last one on elux today :yahoo: !!!!

    (Oh dear God.....when is this going to stop!)
  4. It is a great littel bag.
  5. It holds as much as a pouchette??? Sure fooled me, it looks soooo tiny!
  6. I love this bag. It fits more than you would think. I get lots of compliments on it!!
  7. Yes, cellphone full size, 2 monnaie plat, 2 sets of car keys and house keys on a charm, 2 ballpoint pens, 2 lipstick/lipgloss, small mirror, and tissue.
  8. wow! fits a whole lot! the bag itself is so cute!